What makes us Unique

Cyscale Power Cloud Platform supports all major providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (soon Oracle and IBM Cloud).

  • Continuous Security and Compliance for AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Automatic remediations by learning your cloud infrastructure
  • Integrate your CI/CD tools or scan your IaC templates
  • Cloud-agnostic installation available

Multi-Cloud Security

Scalable, cost-effective Security tailored for your multi-cloud environments and workflows. Works with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


Enrich your teams with Docker, k8s, Terraform & give them application and platform security insights earlier in the development lifecycle.

Enterprise DevOps

We offer secure, easy, adaptive and proven solutions across the entire DevOps workflow. And we do it at scale.

Managed Security

Never before was there such a need to keep your business safe. The granular approach we have can easily take you there.

Ovidiu Cical

Founder, CEO

Cybersecurity Visionary, OWASP Cluj Chapter Leader, Biker

Manuela Țicudean

Co-Founder, PM

Software and Project planning Specialist

Andrei Milaș

Co-Founder, CTO

Enterprise Software Development Expert, Cloud addict

Gabriel Ceicoschi


Javascript, UI/UX and Cloud Security – not necessarily in this order