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Cloud security for SaaS companies

Simple cloud security.
Instant peace of mind ✅

If you’re a fast-growing SaaS company, cloud security shouldn’t hold you back. The Cyscale platform automates security for your apps and data in the cloud without the need for a big security team or a big budget.

Easy to deploy, easy to use. Job done. Box checked. Regulator satisfied.

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Is Cyscale Pro for me?

If you’re purchasing your first cloud security solution or found you’ve outgrown cloud native tools, Cyscale turns automated assessments into easy-to-follow actions to secure your apps and data in the cloud.

If you’ve got better things to do with your time than clicking through reports and fixing alerts without context, Cyscale is for you.

Our solution guides you to the 20% of most important fixes that will reduce 80% of your risk, giving you back time to focus on building your rocket ship.

If you are a scaleup or mid-size company or your situation is different, let’s have a conversation and see what we can do.

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What do I get with Cyscale Pro?

Access to the full Cyscale Automated Cloud Security Platform with Powerful Analytics & Dashboards


Asset inventory

Up to 1000 protected assets

Asset inventory


AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Alibaba Cloud


Continuous visibility

of your cloud environments to identify cloud misconfiguration vulnerabilities


Customizable alerts and easy to follow remediation instructions in case of security drifts.

Don’t waste time on false positives

Built-in frameworks for CIS Cloud Benchmarks, ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST, and many more

with streamlined compliance score tracking and monitoring


Stress-free security for small businesses building apps in the cloud

Cyscale is an Automated Cloud Security platform designed for fast-growing startups.

Enterprise-focused security offerings come with a hefty price tag and an overly complex array of features and functions that are overkill for smaller, more agile companies. We believe cloud security is critical and shouldn’t hold you back. Good security should enable growth through trust and credibility!

Don’t get overwhelmed with alerts and complex toolkits. Cyscale continuously monitors for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your cloud environment, then guides you through the actions you need to take to fix them.

Easy compliance reporting. Don’t stress about audits. Understand your evolving cloud infrastructure and check your security posture against compliance frameworks including CIS Cloud Benchmarks, ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST, and more.

How much does it cost?

After a one-month free trial to demonstrate the value of the platform (we think you’ll love it!) Cyscale Pro for Startups gives coverage for up to 1,000 assets for $700 per month for continuous security for your data and apps in the cloud.

We get it, your finance team is looking at the cost of security versus the cost of a breach. Let’s help you cover the former, so they don’t have to find out the latter.

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Cyscale in action

Access management in Fintech

Open banking provider Smart Fintech needed an identity and access management solution that would also help them achieve compliance and ensure their cloud environment is secure. The team had an aim of ‘zero alerts’, which meant ensuring the cloud environment was always in compliance with their policies.

Cyscale is eliminating the need to ask the team for tedious configuration reports, greatly improving our visibility and helping us understand things we didn’t know.

Alex Cociu,
Risk and Compliance Officer at Smart Fintech

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Increased productivity with automated security

Bays Consulting is a data analytics and consulting company who uses AWS to deliver innovative data solutions and insights to businesses. Securing client data and automating their ISO 27001 compliance is at the core of their business. Cyscale helped Bays Consulting address their challenges and streamlined the access review process.

Exceptionally helpful when doing access reviews; I’m using the platform monthly and it simply automates my work!

James Hawkes,
Head of Delivery at Bays Consulting

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Get enterprise-grade security
without the enterprise-grade price tag