Knowledge Graph™

What is a Security
Knowledge Graph™


Cyscale Security Knowledge Graph™ uses a data model that maps networks of cloud entities in an exhaustive graph which supports automated reasoning across multi-cloud infrastructures.

When applied to cloud security, the knowledge graph model charts the full scale of your cloud assets, including their type, properties, and the relationships between them. Based on deep understanding, it makes semantic interpretations that factor in both the complexity and diversity of assets that generate security issues

For example, the Cyscale Cloud Platform can interrelate dissimilar entities such as user identity, endpoints, code repositories, production environments, VMs, and production databases.

Cyscale Security Knowledge Graph™ enables machines to understand these complex relations and derive new knowledge that human specialists can use without having to perform effort-intensive analyses themselves.

The Cyscale Security Knowledge Graph in a nutshell

All-inclusive graph of all your digital assets.

Instant correlations across all cloud accounts, SaaS platforms, and assets

Deep understanding of their relationships and interactions

Semantic interpretations that cover all assets, no matter how diverse

Resource-intensive data collection and analysis done for you

Automatically pinpoints data security issues with deep visibility through infrastructure layers

No cloud security vendor leverages the power of the knowledge graph technology to deliver precise correlations between cloud resources and data loss risks.

If knowledge graph tech is this useful, why hasn't anyone used it before?

Because it's difficult and expensive.

Cybersecurity encompasses many heterogeneous systems which produce complex knowledge that is difficult to orchestrate and represent accurately and completely. Knowledge graph technology can do that but the data model needs to be customized to the specific needs of specialists working in information security.

To enable this flexibility, we merged the knowledge graph model with our cloud security expertise to help our customers effectively manage the escalating risk of losing and damaging cloud data. We do the heavy lifting because we enjoy the challenge of building a solution to a big problem that's not going away anytime soon.


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How Security Knowledge Graph™ delivers knowledge-driven automation

Get truly contextual insights that incorporate your full range of cloud assets

Cybersecurity tools are often designed for specific issues. So assembling and managing each one creates a lot of overhead and drains your time, energy, and budget. We've been there too.

It's time for a new m.o.!

When you start using Cyscale, we create a micrograph for every cloud system you have. We then connect these micrographs to generate your own Security Knowledge Graph™. That's how the
Cyscale Cloud Platform gives you a truly contextual understanding of your digital assets.

Bring all your cloud data under one roof

Bring all your cloud data under one roof

Identify and track all your cloud entities

Identify and track all your cloud entities

Remove the limitations of list-based inventories

Remove the limitations of list-based inventories

Create rich security profiles for each asset

Create rich security profiles for each asset

Valuable insights for peace of mind.

Valuable insights for peace of mind. :)

Identify security issues generated by cross-cloud interactions

Because each cloud asset is a node in the Security Knowledge Graph™, it's easy to see how it interacts with other entities. You can move across the graph and identify issues in a much broader, richer context - with no additional effort.

You can't achieve this when dealing with tables because rows and columns hold a limited volume of often disconnected details.

Identify security issues generated by cross-cloud interactions

For example, if you:

  • have an Okta user identity
  • that has access to an endpoint (laptop) with outdated packages
  • which is allowed to push to a Git repository
  • and this identity also has access to an AWS production environment
  • and the associated user identity has direct access to a VM/Amazon instance
  • and this VM is connected to a production database containing credit cards numbers

then you can clearly see the risk these interactions pose in a visual format (Graph View).

Improve confidence in your security and compliance posture with real-time evidence

ISO 27001 Compliance Audit
AICPA SOC 2 Compliance Audit
CIS Benchmarks Cloud Compliance
EU European GDPR Compliance

Cloud security can be a jungle. Data gets misplaced, duplicated, mismatched, unsecured, or simply forgotten. So when you lack visibility that goes beyond disparate reports, it's difficult to gain a strong grasp of your security posture.

With Security Knowledge Graph™ at its core, Cyscale helps you easily track security and compliance for your multi-cloud infrastructure.

Use an extensive collection of ready-to-use policies and standards with instant access to inline evidence collection for each of them.

Discover the most flexible pricing in the cloud security industry


Close visibility gaps in your Governance, Risk and Compliance system

Setting up a reliable GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance system) system doesn't have to take ages and more in-house resources than you can ever afford. The Cyscale Cloud Platform is a GRC tool you can truly count on! It packs rich, customizable features you can use to build and manage a competitive governance process that gets technical teams and management on the same page.

The Security Knowledge Graph™ brings an orchestrated approach to cybersecurity and policy enforcement. Edit and customize standards across all your cloud providers in a single dashboard, tracking implementation and consolidating your data-rich archive as you go.

Tackle OWASP Cloud Top 10 security risks with a steady hand

Use the built-in OWASP Cloud Top 10 security policy to automatically check for alignment with this respected industry standard.

Offset risks associated with SaaS providers and complex cloud infrastructures by using the Cyscale Cloud Platform. Banking on the robust capabilities of our Security Knowledge Graph™, it instantly checks on how your cloud assets fare in terms of user privacy, multi-tenancy, exposure of non-production environments, and all other top cloud security issues OWASP prioritizes.

We do it so you don't have to.

Pay-per-use and scale your cloud security program as you grow

Would it be cheaper to build this in-house?” It's a common dilemma but does your organization have what it takes to become a security company? Implementing the knowledge graph model is a resource-intensive process that requires industry-specific know-how, specialized technical components, and broad security expertise. It also takes time, the most invaluable resource of all. With Cyscale, you pay for what you use and nothing more. As your business grows, you remain fully in control of how you scale your security program, as our Cloud Platform adapts to your changing needs.

Accurate. Real-time. Context-aware.




Cyscale Security Knowledge Graph™ infers each digital asset's category based on a classification engine. While it is not a fully-fledged AI, we're building towards it. Since the knowledge graph is a data model extremely rich in applications and possibilities, we're constantly tapping into its potential to build features that deliver immense value for your organization. See how it works during the free trial - it speaks for itself!