Our Mission

To help companies of all sizes to start, improve and maintain their Cloud Security Program based on the industry best practices. Reducing the risk of security breaches when migrating or developing solutions in the cloud should be a constant priority and responsibility. We can ensure that this task will not be overwhelming for you.

Manuela and Ovidiu leaders of Cyscale

How this story started

As more companies moved their business applications and data to the cloud, many lacked the knowledge or human resources required to mitigate security risks associated with this accelerated cloud adoption.

Being on the front line as cybersecurity experts, the founders (Ovidiu, Manuela, and Andrei) have realized the struggle these companies face and started working on a solution to help them handle their Cloud Security better and more efficiently. And so... Cyscale was born.


We started development for our CSPM solution: Cyscale Cloud Platform.


Cyscale was named "The Best Technology Startup in 2020" in the InnovX accelerator program. In addition, the European Union awarded the company with the Seal of Excellence for innovation in cloud security. We set the record on Seedblink by raising $430k in just 4 hours.


Cyscale Cloud Platform empowers Security teams worldwide to take the correct approach and implement a strong Cloud Security Program.


Cyscale raises $3.5M in a new seed round led by Notion Capital, Seedcamp, and GapMinder.

Our team is growing fast. The Security Knowledge Graph™ helps more and more organizations understand their digital footprint, enabling them to secure and protect their most valuable assets.


Start improving your Cloud Security Posture


Our Leadership

Ovidiu Cical - Founder & CEO
Ovidiu Cical
Founder & CEO
Manuela Țicudean - Founder & COO
Manuela Țicudean
Founder & COO
Andy Leaver - VP Ops in Residence
Andy Leaver
VP Ops in Residence

Backed by

Notion Capital

Our Team

Andrei Milaș - CTO
Andrei Milaș
Gabriel Ceicoschi - Frontend Engineer
Gabriel Ceicoschi
Frontend Engineer
Virginia Mitea - Sales and Business Development
Andrei Ștefănie - Product Engineer
Andrei Ștefănie
Product Engineer
Mihai Matache - Backend Engineer
Mihai Matache
Backend Engineer
Mihai Brînză - UI/UX Designer
Mihai Brînză
UI/UX Designer
Levente Scheck - Frontend Engineer
Levente Scheck
Frontend Engineer
Andrei Petri - Fullstack Engineer
Andrei Petri
Fullstack Engineer
Sabrina Lupșan - Cybersecurity Content Writer
Petru Giurgiu - Web Developer
Petru Giurgiu
Web Developer
Mihnea Stoian - Backend Engineer
Mihnea Stoian
Backend Engineer
Norbert Hambuer - Backend Engineer
Norbert Hambuer
Backend Engineer
Auras Popescu - Backend Engineer
Auras Popescu
Backend Engineer
Darius Ungurean - Frontend Engineer
Darius Ungurean
Frontend Engineer
Barry Lyne - VP of Sales
Barry Lyne
VP of Sales
Simona Lar - Head of People, Culture & Growth
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Cyscale helps companies embrace their digital future by protecting apps and data in the cloud. With the innovative Security Knowledge Graph™ at its core, Cyscale helps you easily track security and compliance across your multi-cloud environment.

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