How this story started

As more and more companies were moving their business applications and data in the cloud, many of them were lacking the knowledge or manpower required to mitigate security risks associated with this accelerated cloud adoption.

Being on the front line as cybersecurity experts, the founders (Ovidiu, Manuela and Andrei) have realized the struggle faced by these companies and started working on a solution to help them handle better and more efficiently their Cloud Security. And so… Cyscale was born.

How this story started


Cyscale Systems is created



We started development for our CSPM solution: Cyscale Power Cloud Platform



Cyscale was named “The Best Technology Startup in 2020” in the InnovX accelerator program
- The European Union awarded the company with the Seal of Excellence for innovation in cloud security.
-We set the record on Seedblink by raising 350,000 Euro (~$430k) in just 4 hours



Cyscale Power Cloud Platform empowers Security teams around the world, to take the correct approach and implement a strong Cloud Security Program.

Our Mission

To help companies of all sizes to start, improve and maintain their Cloud Security Program based on the industry best practices, to ensure continuous security and compliance. Reducing the risk of security breaches when migrating or developing solutions in the cloud should be a continues priority and responsibility, and we can make sure that this task will not be overwhelming for you. Using the unique power of our Security Knowledge Graph™, we can generate precise correlations between all cloud assets and data repositories so we can offer to our customers full visibility over their infrastructure. This allows them to immediately detect and fix potential misconfigurations, policy violations or compliance risks that could lead to data breaches.


Let us help you improve your Cloud Security Posture

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Meet the team:

Together, we draw broad industry expertise to create powerful cybersecurity solutions for our customers 

Ovidiu Cical, Founder & CEO

Ovidiu Cical, Founder & CEO

Ovidiu wears many hats, from CEO to Innovation Officer or Spokesperson. He is a Certified Professional Cloud Architect with a solid background in software development focused on Information Security, Innovation and Product Strategy. By constantly speaking at different industry-leading conferences, he is actively involved in creating awareness regarding the importance of data protection, cloud security and compliance.
He is also the Chapter Leader for the OWASP foundation (non-profit organization working to improve software security).

Manuela Ticudean, COO

Manuela Ticudean, Co-Founder, PM

Manuela is our Product Manager, she is always working with her team in researching and developing innovating new features to help our customers. She has so far accumulated over 15 years of experience in software development, start-up culture, software teams built from the ground-up, cross-cultural communication and effective project management in fast-paced, agile environments.

Andrei Milaș, CTO

Andrei Milaș, Co-Founder, CTO

Andrei is coming from a strong technical background, and acts as our CTO. With a bachelor’s degree and master's studies in Computer Science for the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, and more than 10 years of experience as a Software Security Engineer, he knows the ecosystem and is driven by innovation.

Cyscale Team

Cyscale Team

Cyscale Team

We take great pride in being part of an industry that serves and does good for humanity. We believe that Cybersecurity is a right just like any other right and that everybody should have access and possess the means to protect what they value in both their offline or online life. Cyscale's Team is focused on protecting all of your digital assets and most sensitive data, making sure you remain compliant and secure. We are the creators of the OWASP Data Security Top 10, the most respected guide for protecting sensitive data in the cloud.

Gabriel Ceicoschi, Design & UI

Gabriel Ceicoschi, Design & UI, Front-End

Gabriel is our Graphic Designer.
He started as a front-end developer eager to explore new technologies and discovers his passions for design. With a keen eye for details he oversees delivering the best User Experience to our customers.

Virginia Mitea, Sales & BD

Virginia Mitea, Sales & BD

Virginia is our Sales and Business Development Manager.
With a vast experience in sales of IT services and solutions, Virginia is always thinking in a customer-oriented way. Her role is to identify new opportunities for campaigns, services, new distribution channels, and strategic approaches that will lead to healthy and steady grow of our customer base.

Let's build the future of cyber security together!

Let's build the future of cyber security together!

We set on a journey to define new and innovative ways of helping companies secure their apps and data in the cloud, but also to understand their digital universe. Check our open positions if you want to join our team. We'll work and have lots of fun while making an impact in the world!