Cloud Security Posture Management with instant gains for the entire company



Time-to-value: 5 minutes Agentless deployment No-hassle onboarding Full map of cloud assets & security score



Customize your setup in <60 mins Expand cloud infrastructure securely 500+ ready to use security controls and policies



Easily surface and manage cloud assets that fail security controls In-app security consultancy & remediation steps Onboard teams in <30 mins



See complaianc with regulatory standards and policies at a glance Upto 1-year data retention Data Exports (CSV)

Unpack The Platform

Prevent misconfigurations & mistakes

Cyscale automatically detects and reports violations of security controls and compliance risks. It’s much easier to keep your cloud assets in check with ongoing change monitoring that bridges cloud providers. Single out misconfigured services and see how failed security controls impact compliance from a single, unified view. Plus, you get reliable remediation guidelines in the same place.


Discover the most flexible pricing in the cloud security industry


Optimize your operations

Reduce workflow friction

Forget the hassle of multiple logins into various cloud accounts, with different dashboards and features. Get all your cloud assets under one roof and group them in just a few clicks. With Cyscale you get comprehensive, agentless CSPM, compliance and data protection capabilities for your entire cloud inventory – serverless, databases and apps included.

Cyscale keeps our infrastructure compliant and drift free

Cyscale keeps our infrastructure compliant and drift free

“Cyscale continuously monitors for changes that might cause compliance violations or weaken our security, then alerts our staff so we can fix things before they cause any real problems. We have reduced the number of accidental changes, and completely eliminated changes which were not made through our Infrastructure as Code solution.”

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The Cyscale Power Cloud Platform packs all the CSPM features you need

Data discovery

Keep an accurate and up-to-date map of your entire cloud inventory across multiple providers

Real-time contextual analysis

Use the Security Knowledge Graph™ to enrich visibility with risk-related information

API ready for CI/CD flows

Automate compliance and security scans and feed data exports with the Cyscale API into SIEM or other cybersecurity tools

Powerful policy engine

Easily import or create your own set of policies, procedures and controls and deploy them for your entire cloud infrastructure

Security & compliance telemetry

Track every change in security and compliance setup automatically, with zero cross-cloud manual work

Downloadable CSV & PDF reports

Report on security and compliance profiles for several projects at the same time

Audit-ready data archive

Get a fully auditable, third-party data trail with deep-dive options that stores details up to 1 year

Zero maintenance platform

The Cyscale Power Cloud Platform is fully managed and agentless, so all you have to do is put it to work


Start seeing value & saving money in minutes


Cyscale makes it easy to holistically view your security posture and maintain awareness of it.

With just a few clicks, I can register my AWS environment and get a comprehensive inventory of all the resources we have, then evaluate all of those resources. Then, as an added bonus, the ongoing evaluation of our environment helps me understand if we’ve had configuration drift.

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