Cloud Security Posture Management Tool



Time-to-value: 5 minutes Agentless deployment No-hassle onboarding Full map of cloud assets & security score



Customize your setup in <60 mins Expand cloud infrastructure securely 500+ ready to use security controls and policies



Easily surface and manage cloud assets that fail security controls In-app security consultancy & remediation steps Onboard teams in <30 mins



See compliance with regulatory standards and policies at a glance Up to 1-year data retention Data Exports (CSV)

Unpack The Platform

Prevent misconfigurations & mistakes

Cyscale automatically detects and reports violations of security controls and compliance risks. It's much easier to keep your cloud assets in check with ongoing change monitoring that bridges cloud providers. Single out misconfigured services and see how failed security controls impact compliance from a single, unified view. Plus, you get reliable remediation guidelines in the same place.

Inventory view with assets and risk information

Cut through the noise

Get relevant alerts when your cloud assets drift away from established secure cloud configuration, compliance standards and other security issues. Make Cyscale your single source of truth for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and never miss an important security event. Move beyond bulky, list-based management. Cyscale's Security Knowledge Graph™ makes precise correlations between all your cloud assets and data repositories to automatically pinpoint critical security improvements.

Alerts view

Automate compliance checks

Use Cyscale for governance automation across cloud providers and internal teams to ensure consistent security and compliance. We keep your clouds under continuous assessment and provide in-app security consultancy so you make the most of your time and effort. Coming soon: create custom Controls that tap into our Security Knowledge Graph™ and automate the security and compliance checks that matter the most for your organization.

 Policies view with compliance score

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Optimize your operations

Reduce workflow friction

Forget the hassle of multiple logins into various cloud accounts, with different dashboards and features. Get all your cloud assets under one roof and group them in just a few clicks. With Cyscale you get comprehensive, agentless Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), compliance and sensitive data protection capabilities for your entire cloud inventory - serverless, databases and apps included.

Dashboard view with multi-cloud environments

Reveal & curb hidden costs

Keep your cloud infrastructure on track and on budget with Cyscale. With a full map of your cloud inventory and a deep understanding of your cloud attack surface, you can reduce overhead in multiple areas:

  • identify and delete unused or forgotten cloud resources that generate costly invoices from cloud providers
  • spend significantly less time managing and integrating assets
  • scale without having to make new hires
  • avoid fines for data breaches and lack of compliance.
Inventory view with assets and risk information

Close security gaps

Get the visibility you need to fill in security gaps left by cloud service providers. Discover and classify data repositories across multi-cloud environments. Bring databases, cloud and network storage, data lakes, code and IP repositories on the same platform for comprehensive asset inventory and management. Follow reliable hardening steps our Security Knowledge Graph™ provides based on deep contextual correlations between all your cloud assets to keep data security issues under control for public cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

Graph view

The Cyscale CSPM Solution packs all the features you need

Data discovery

Keep an accurate and up-to-date map of your entire cloud inventory across multiple providers, enabling better communication between your Security team, DevOps, and the Compliance team.

Real-time contextual analysis

Use the Security Knowledge Graph™ to enrich visualization with risk-related information

API ready for CI/CD flows

Automate compliance and security scans and feed data exports with the Cyscale API into SIEM or other cybersecurity tools

Powerful policy engine

Easily import or create your own set of policies, procedures and controls and deploy them for your entire cloud infrastructure

Cloud Compliance Platform

Trim complexity from your workflow with automated evaluations for CIS Cloud Benchmarks, ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST, and many more security frameworks.

Downloadable CSV & PDF reports

Report on security and compliance profiles for several projects at the same time

Audit-ready data archive

Get a fully auditable, third-party data trail with deep-dive options that stores details up to 1 year

Zero maintenance platform

The Cyscale Cloud Platform is fully managed and agentless, so all you have to do is put it to work

Cloud-Native Security

You can also use Cyscale for your cloud-native security needs (VMs, network, serverless, databases, apps) for vulnerability and threat detection, cloud inventory, secure cloud extension, and as a compliance and cost-reduction solution.

Frequently asked questions

CSPM is a group of security solutions and technologies that empower security users to identify and remediate risk and misconfigurations in their cloud environments.

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  • Continuous compliance monitoring of your cloud resources, so you can identify and remediate risk in areas such as storage, encryption, and permissions
  • Technical security controls and visibility over IAM (Identity and Access Management) configuration, to help provide risk assessment and ensure that compliance standards are met
  • Easily identify risks that could compromise your cloud network across cloud providers, such as GCP (Google Cloud), AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Remediation guidance, to quickly solve misconfigurations leading to compliance violations for Saas (Software as a Service), Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and Paas (Platform as a Service)

Visibility into your company's cloud infrastructure and security configurations.
Security teams can assess posture across multiple cloud environments and accounts through a centralized dashboard that can give actionable metrics.

Violations in your cloud infrastructure are mapped to regulatory standards, security frameworks, as well as internal security policies, resulting in evidence collection that enables audits.

Reporting and alerting.Insights on your cloud's risk posture, as well as alerts and notifications bring risk to your attention, enabling investigation and in-time remediation.

Automation.One of the most important features of a CSPM tool. Automated remediation, helps security teams reduce the time and effort required by manual remediation, at the same time enabling evidence collection.

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The Complete Guide to Cloud Storage Misconfigurations

This guide helps CIOs, CISOs and security staff to understand the risk & dangers of data security breaches and the importance of a secure cloud storage infrastructure.


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