Unlock new revenue streams with a managed cloud security solution

Enhance your existing cloud services portfolio or break into the lucrative managed cloud security services market with a cloud native security platform that brings your customers’ distributed cloud assets together in one place, with real-time security assessments, policy management, and configuration management.

The Cyscale cloud security platform for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) will help you accelerate time-to-value by enhancing your cloud security portfolio.

Turnkey solution designed for MSSPs

Fully automated cloud security assessments

Fully managed cloud security services

Drive incremental revenue with remediation

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Always-On Monitoring:
Monitor customer assets 24/7

Fully automated security assessments and cloud compliance assessments are carefully tailored to provide you with comprehensive insights into your clients’ infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Improve your customers’ cloud security posture or use the insights to deliver auditing services.

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Smart Alerts: Contextual
alerts for actionable insights

Easily aggregate actionable security insights for complex multi cloud environments on behalf of dozens or hundreds of customers. Reduce click fatigue with a single, intuitive dashboard.

Expand your security portfolio or add cloud security to your existing managed cloud offering.

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Quick Remediation:
Step-by-step guides
to instant fixes

Your expert team of security professionals can continuously and automatically monitor clients’ cloud infrastructure, identify damaging misconfigurations in real-time, and ensure their sensitive data remains secure.

These insights can be monetized with your own remediation services.

Graph with alert and control details

The path to profitable Cloud Security-as-a-Service solutions is through a managed service solution. Cyscale is a true outcome-based solution that enables you to standardize what you do in terms of cloud security to become scalable, repeatable, and profitable.

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Data security in a multi-cloud environment

This US-based data intelligence platform was experiencing strong growth, resulting in significantly more customer data being stored in the cloud. As the company approached the 400-employee mark and began to feel more pressure on its cybersecurity team, the time came to sunset in-house tools developed on open-source offerings and deploy a solution that would make it easier to maintain a strong security posture over a sprawling multi-cloud estate.

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“It’s been great at identifying blind spots”: Bays Consulting achieves 50% productivity gain with Cyscale

“Exceptionally helpful when doing access reviews; I’m using the platform monthly and it simply automates my work!”

James Hawkes

James Hawkes

Head of Delivery at
Bays Consulting

Read the case study


Smart Fintech uses Cyscale to gain IAM visibility and ensure cloud security and compliance

“The platform helps me with IAM visibility a lot: I can understand who has access and why. When a person leaves the company, I can detect if their permissions remain hanging.”

Alex Cociu

Alex Cociu

Risk and Compliance Officer at
Smart Fintech

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Cyscale is an agentless cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) that automates the contextual analysis of cloud misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, access, and data, to provide an accurate and actionable assessment of risk.

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