Building a new product is fun.
Creating a new category? Stunning.

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Our Mission

To help companies of all sizes start, improve and maintain their Cloud Security Program, based on expert know-how and industry best practices. Reducing the risk of security breaches when migrating or developing solutions in the cloud should be a continuous priority, and we make sure this task is not an overwhelming one.

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Our Values

In everything we do at Cyscale, we are guided by our commitment to:

  • Openness - in the way we talk to each other, our customers, and our investors
  • Transparency - the ground for true collaboration
  • Hard work - we know that being talented is only half of the story
  • Learning - we embrace the challenges we face each day and strive for continuous improvement
  • Perseverance - no matter if the times are good or bad, our vision is our north star
We're here for the long run, which means we care deeply about our work environment, our partnerships, the communities we're part of and our customers' success.

Not your average benefits


from the employee stock options plan (ESOP)

Private medical insurance

Days off

a minimum of 25 days annual leave

Trainings/certifications allowance

up to 1000 EUR / year

Home office setup

equipment + expenses (up to 50 EUR / month)

Personal days off

up to 3 days / year

Words from the inside

"Being passionate about start-ups and what we can build on the cloud, Cyscale was the clear path onwards for me. I knew it will be fun, but hard and so it is. When it's fun, we laugh together, and when it's hard, we work together."Andrei ȘtefănieCloud Architect
Andrei Ștefănie - Cloud Architect
"I jumped into Cyscale “express” 🚂 by the time things were getting together. Two years later and I'm still here, facing new challenges and opportunities every single day. I've never thought how many things Cyscale will teach me."Gabriel CeicoschiFrontend Engineer
Gabriel Ceicoschi - Frontend Engineer
"One of the greatest things about Cyscale is the variety of challenges we're tackling every single day. Either from the business perspective or from a technical point of view, I'm constantly learning, this leading to a great sense of accomplishment."Andrei MilașCTO
Andrei Milaș - CTO
"At Cyscale I have a constant opportunity to grow, professionally and personally. Moreover, I feel that my contribution matters and that we're creating something truly special."Manuela ȚicudeanCo-Founder & PM
Manuela Țicudean - Co-Founder & PM
"Founding Cyscale is the best decision of my life: it allows me to build the type of company that puts people first, promotes fairness and inclusion, and simultaneously, we get the chance to create something extraordinary for the cybersecurity world. All wins!"Ovidiu CicalFounder & CEO
Ovidiu Cical - Founder & CEO
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Cyscale is an agentless cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) that automates the contextual analysis of cloud misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, access, and data, to provide an accurate and actionable assessment of risk.

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