Product Designer

  • Job location: Romania
  • Work type: Remote
  • Department: Product
  • Employment type: Full Time (8h)
  • Skills: Product, SaaS Software, Cybersecurity, User Interface, User Experience, User Interaction, Usability Testing
  • Experience: Senior

Job description

You will design a successful customer experience and a product that users love, partner up with our product manager and work closely with our team of engineers to make sure we understand customers and iteratively come up with the best solutions for their problems. You will participate in all phases of the product (discovery, delivery, iteration) and your performance will be measured on the success of the product.


  • Equity - shares/stock options (ESOP) - simulation available during interview

  • Sign-on bonus at hiring

  • Flexible schedule and working hours

  • An informal work environment with transparency and no hierarchies

  • Training and certifications to boost your career path (up to €1000 annually)

  • 25 minimum vacation days

      • an additional 3 personal days (take them for yourself, whenever you need them)
  • Work from home allowance (up to 50€ for internet, electricity, etc.)


  • Continuous collaboration with colleagues
  • You will not only be delivering to requirements, you will be, together with your colleagues in the product team, responsible for shaping the requirements
  • Visual design, as well as interaction design (not necessarily excellent at both, but at least excellent at one and skilled at the other)
  • Develop a deep understanding of the target users (each profile that we're trying to serve in our product), and come up with tasks, navigation and flows that are both usable and satisfying
  • Create the actual pages and user interface look and feel (layouts, colours, fonts, etc.)
  • Prototyping: explore product concepts, quickly try out ideas by creating something that simulates the intended user experience
  • Design usability tests: together with the product manager you will be recruiting appropriate test subjects, administering the tests, evaluating the results, and recommending alternatives
  • Frequent validation with external users and customers, in order to refine ideas and collect new insights

Required Skills

  • You understand that it's the product that connects customers to its value and you strive for designs that best deliver that value. You also understand that user experience is as important for the customer as the underlying functionality.
  • Able to create designs that serve both users and buyers
  • Able to create designs that evoke emotion in the user
  • Deeply oriented around actual customers, and the value that our product brings to them
  • Have a broad view of UX: you think about the entire customer journey over time and how she interacts with the product and the company at different touch points (website, emails, notifications, app, etc.)
  • Able to use prototypes as a means of communicating ideas both internally and externally
  • Comfortable with several prototyping tools

Apply for this role by:

  • Emailing us at [email protected]
  • Writing us a message on LinkedIn
  • Applying directly to the job post via LinkedIn

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