Cloud security and
compliance for fintech

Automated cloud security controls enable financial services organizations, digital banks, and blockchain operators to meet complex regulatory requirements and ensure data protection.

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Infrastructure security

Fintechs need a high level of visibility over cloud inventory to ensure separation between production and non-production environments.

Cyscale automatically detects public-facing resources and misconfigured services across identity, compute, storage, networking, container services, managed Kubernetes, and many more.

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Compliance and Governance

In-app security standards and organizational security policy templates help you breeze through internal or external audits. Regulatory compliance frameworks supported: PCI-DSS, PSD2, DORA. GDPR for data privacy. SOC 2 to reassure your customers, and many more.

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Identity and Access Management

All financial regulations have strict requirements specific to IAM. Access reviews at regular intervals are mandatory. Unused accounts must be properly deactivated.

Cyscale delivers a powerful Identity Dashboard to help you understand how effective your access controls are. Effectively monitor user permissions and privilege access for a robust cloud security posture. Onboard your Okta account for full visibility on cloud SSO users.

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Smart Fintech uses Cyscale to gain IAM visibility and ensure cloud security and compliance

“The platform helps me with IAM visibility a lot: I can understand who has access and why. When a person leaves the company, I can detect if their permissions remain hanging.”

Alex Cociu

Alex Cociu

Risk and Compliance Officer at
Smart Fintech

Simple and effective cloud security for fintech companies

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Cyscale is an agentless cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) that automates the contextual analysis of cloud misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, access, and data, to provide an accurate and actionable assessment of risk.

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