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Why is ISO 27001
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Why is ISO 27001 important?

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is the golden standard when it comes to information security. Part of the ISO 27000 family, it helps organizations protect their assets such as employee information, user data, and intellectual property. Being ISO 27001 compliant gives you and your customers the confidence to run and expand your business.

Becoming ISO 27001 Compliant


Either you decide to start/improve your security program or a client requires compliant vendors


Assemble a team of 2 to 20 people, depending on the size of your organization, responsible for the entire process. This might include your CSO, CISO, compliance officers, security engineers and researchers, and software architects.


Optionally, contact a third-party company specialized in ISO 27001 compliance.

Understand the standard

  • Clauses 4 to 10 - they describe the requirements of the standard. The result will be a set of policies that will form the information security management system (ISMS).
  • Annex A - a comprehensive list of control objectives and controls intended to help you reduce the risk as much as possible.

Identify the scope of the ISMS taking into consideration

  • the organization's objectives regarding managing the risk
  • the requirements of the involved parties
  • the asset inventory - might include legal documents, user data, cloud resources, and physical equipment.

Define and apply the information security risk treatment

  • Annex A controls provide a holistic but general approach. You are still responsible for researching and implementing actual procedures to secure your assets
  • This is a critical point for organizations running in the cloud
  • You document the controls (both inclusions and exclusions) in the Statement of Applicability (SoA). This is an essential document for the ISMS and it is one of the first points of interest for the auditor.

Establish and implement the policies forming the ISMS

  • You can start with a set of pre-defined policies

Inform and train every employee

Perform an internal audit

  • Can be conducted by members of the organization or by consulting firms

Perform the actual audit

  • The auditor will review your documents starting with the scope document, statement of applicability, and various policies such as the human resource security and data protection policies
  • Once the auditor determines that your ISMS meets the ISO 27001 requirements, you proceed to stage 2. At this point, the auditor will check your controls to determine their effectiveness within your organization

Continuous compliance - the point of the standard is not to pass the audit but to improve the security of your information assets

  • Periodically review your policies (designated owners and management)
  • Keep your asset inventory up to date

Asset Inventory

Keep track of all your cloud assets such as virtual machines, storage buckets, and IAM users. Cyscale allows you to connect all your cloud accounts from AWS, GCP, Azure, and Alibaba, in a read-only mode.

Asset Inventory
A list of Security Controls implemented by Cyscale

Annex A Controls and beyond

Continuously keep your systems and your data secure by following industry best practices such as CIS benchmarks and well-architected frameworks, all neatly mapped to ISO 27001. You can establish the statement of applicability for your cloud assets in minutes instead of weeks.

Out of the box Policies

Cyscale provides you with a set of battle-tested policies to jumpstart your ISMS. They are applicable to all your assets such as employee information, intelectual property, and physical equipment, besides cloud assets.

A list of different out-of-the-box policies and standards
A rich policy content with data gathered inline

Actionable Policies

Cyscale enables you to link procedures to actual technical verifications and controls. You know at any moment the exact compliance status of your assets right inside the policy that describes how they are secured. In other words, inline evidence collection.


Achieve true continuous compliance for ISO 27001

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