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Identity & Access Management is the new perimeter. Your cloud is only as safe as your IAM security posture, since your cloud attack surface is impacted by the way you’ve configured or misconfigured your identities.

Onboard your Okta account into Cyscale and get full visiblity over identities in your organization and cloud permissions, along with a contextual analysis of access, cloud assets and sensitive data to reveal toxic combinations that put your organization at risk.


How the Cyscale + Okta integration helps you strengthen
your cloud Identity and Access Management strategy

Contextual visibility over identities

By connecting your Okta account to Cyscale, you gain visibility over your users and their effective permissions across your cloud accounts. We correlate highly privileged Okta Identities with business-critical cloud assets, giving accurate insights of risk in Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Identity & Access Management security insights

Cyscale looks at Okta assets such as users, groups, applications, and assignments, and is able to provide security recommendations for your Okta account aligned with best practices such as: configuring MFA, separation of duties, least privilege, strong password policies and many others.

Compliance with standards and Identity Policies

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a vital area in all security frameworks and standards. They require companies to have healthy access policies in place, guided by the least privilege principle, and to demonstrate that policies are enforced across systems in scope. Cyscale helps you achieve this by mapping Okta security controls to compliance standards and policies and tracking drifts.

Identity & Access Management security
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Cyscale is an agentless cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) that automates the contextual analysis of cloud misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, access, and data, to provide an accurate and actionable assessment of risk.

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