Compliance for Cloud

Cyscale helps you develop a strong cloud security process for payment card data that enables prevention, detection, and response to security incidents.

A robost compliance toolbox for cloud-native and cloud-first organizations.

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Automate cloud security
and PCI DSS compliance

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  • Protect Cardholder Data: Securing the storage and transmission of cardholder data, while always be prepared for security audits.
  • Policy-based security: Out-of-the-box assurance and enforcement policies that you can configure across the build, workload, and infrastructure.
  • Strong access control: Restrict access to cardholder data and identify, authenticate access to system components
  • Real-time visibility with detection and response:Comprehensive visibility across the entire cloud native lifecycle from build, to infrastructure, to run time

Automate compliance checks & security control audits

Use Cyscale for governance automation across cloud providers and internal teams to ensure consistent security and compliance.

We keep your cloud environments under continuous assessment and provide in-app security consultancy so that you make the most of your time and effort.

Coming soon: create custom Controls that tap into our Security Knowledge Graph™ and automate the security and compliance checks that matter most for your organization.


Align teams & tasksGovern all cloud entities from a single dashboard

Govern all cloud entities from a single dashboard

Consolidate all the key elements of cloud compliance in an easy-to-use dashboard. Replace cloud portals with our Cloud Platform - the hub for a sweeping overview of your cloud security posture.

Implement, manage, and monitor security policies and controls for single cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments through reliable automation.

Demonstrate compliance for multiple projects with read-only dashboard access or reports (CSV, PDF) you can share with internal stakeholders, prospects, or customers.

100% Confidence in your Cloud Compliance

Meet industry regulations
Protect sensitive data and comply with strict industry in your Financial organization. Cyscale automatically runs all critical compliance checks and finds data at-risk.

PCI-DSS, SOC 2, GDPR, and more.
Cyscale offers a wide range of benchmarks and frameworks, including: CIS, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, NIST, SOC2, GDPR.

Built-in compliance templates
You can either use policy templates as a basis for your custom policies, or create them from scratch.

500+ out-of-the-box security controls
Onboard teams in 30 minutes and coordinate efforts to apply 500+ out-of-the-box security controls and policies.