Cloud Misconfiguration Security

Cyscale has you covered

Prevent misconfigurations & mistakes

Cyscale automatically detects and reports violations of security controls and compliance risks. It's much easier to keep your cloud assets in check with ongoing change monitoring that bridges cloud providers. Single out misconfigured services and see how failed security controls impact compliance from a single, unified view. Plus, you get reliable remediation guidelines in the same place.

Detect and Prevent Misconfigurations

Cut through the noise

Get relevant alerts when your cloud assets drift away from established security and compliance standards. Make Cyscale your single source of truth for CSPM and never miss an important security event. Move beyond bulky, list-based management. Cyscale's Security Knowledge Graph™ makes precise correlations between all your cloud assets and data repositories to automatically pinpoint critical security improvements.

Cut Noise with Single Source Of Truth

Automate compliance checks

Use Cyscale for governance automation across cloud providers and internal teams to ensure consistent security and compliance. We keep your clouds under continuous assessment and provide in-app security consultancy so you make the most of your time and effort. Coming soon: create custom Controls that tap into our Security Knowledge Graph™ and automate the security and compliance checks that matter the most for your organization.

Automate Compliance As Code IAC Continuous Assessment

Extensive cloud misconfiguration detection across all of your cloud assets

Analyze cloud misconfigurations
Analyze misconfigurations against the most popular industry and regulatory frameworks, including a wide range of CIS control benchmarks, ISO 27001, and SOC 2.

Ensure security and compliance
Prove alignment with the highest industry standards, enforce policies consistently across cloud providers and scale compliance efforts without overhead.

400+ unique configuration controls
Unique controls across 400+ categories, including authentication, data protection, logging and monitoring, network configurations, system integrity, etc.

Prioritize misconfiguration risk
With our Security Knowledge GraphTM, We surface crucial issues based on deep understanding of all your interlinked assets - rather than a mishmash of unrelated assets.


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