Introducing the next level of security, by Cyscale

Dear friend, get ready to secure your apps & data in a multi-cloud world.

The era of remote work and cloud computing is here, and we're excited to share that you can experience enhanced cloud security right from your Cyscale account. This includes:

  • Multi-tenancy support for a Corporate Account and associated Users.
  • Single auto-onboarding step for multiple Azure Subscriptions under a Tenant.
  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace listing of the Cyscale Power Cloud Platform.
  • Signup & access the Cyscale account using Microsoft, Google, or GitHub social logins.
  • Notifications to Slack, Teams, Datadog, and Email. Whenever your security policies are violated, you're instantly notified. You can also manually send an alert later.
  • Simplified onboarding for AWS and GCP using CloudFormation and Terraform.
  • Use API Keys to speed up integrations with CI/CD and other developer tools.
Published 2020-07-15By Ovidiu CicalCategory News

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