Introducing Cyscale’s AI-powered Security Assistant: Making Cloud Security More Intuitive

Cyscale, the platform for securing your cloud quickly and easily, is excited to give a first glimpse into the potential enabled by generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM), unveiling our AI-powered Security Assistant, which makes cloud security as intuitive as asking a question. 

As engineers we’ve spent almost 20 years working with the cloud, and the complexity of cloud environments mean it’s now impossible to correlate security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations manually to expose real risk, especially if you have a small team.  

Generating security alerts is not the problem. The problem is understanding them in context, and it's getting harder for a CTO or CISO to prioritize remediation because of the volume of alerts.   

We think context is king, and the value of Cyscale is in our application of graph technology to inventory all cloud assets and the relationships between those assets to identify and prioritize real security threats.   

Now with developments in AI we are taking this value even further by enabling our platform to automatically respond to queries and surface uncovered issues using our customers’ cloud footprint combined with Large Language Models (LLM) of vulnerabilities and exploits.    

In our first look at Cyscale’s AI-powered Security Assistant you can see how we’re making cloud security as intuitive as asking a question.  

Demonstration of Cyscale’s AI-powered Security Assistant

The key value here is the democratization of cloud security. Regardless of your skill level, the Security Assistant connects all the dots between disparate information sources so you don’t have to. This means security practitioners struggling to keep up with technical tasks can get information that’s relevant to them, just the same as compliance officers can get information about security posture through a lens that’s more relevant to their interests.  

This example shows you just the very tip of what’s possible by asking the Assistant questions such as:  

  • Which security controls have failed?   
  • What are my top three vulnerabilities and their CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) score?  
  • How can I fix these vulnerabilities on their specific cloud platform?   

Democratizing cloud security with AI

Not only does this approach help people in different functions (security, DevOps, compliance) get information that’s more contextually relevant to their role, it helps them perform tasks faster by giving links directly to the affected assets in question, and clear instructions on how to fix associated issues.   

It also helps security professionals navigate multi-cloud environments by abstracting the unique and different terminologies used from one cloud provider to another (‘termination’ versus ‘deallocation’ for example) into more natural language.

“Cybersecurity may have become cloud security, but it’s becoming less and less human friendly,” says Ovidiu Cical, Cyscale CEO. “It’s now impossible for a CTO, CISO, or security practitioner to stay on top of an endless list of alerts and things that need fixing without automation. Companies like us have made great strides in automating these processes and providing context but it’s still a lot of information for small teams to digest and act on.” 

“With these rapid developments in AI assistance we can help different kinds of people interact with our tools in a more natural and contextually relevant way. AI is actually making cloud security more human,” Ovidiu adds.   

This is important because Gartner estimates that 99% of cloud security failures are the customer’s fault, mainly through failures to effectively manage the controls used to protect an organization’s data. Automation puts people back in control by helping them better manage cloud complexity, security, and compliance.

Cyscale’s Security Assistant is still in development, so stay tuned for more insights into the potential unlocked by AI, but existing customers and new prospects can request to have it added to their account for testing.  

Book a demo to see it in action.

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