Cyscale Makes Sifted’s Ones to Watch List in RegTech and DeepTech

We are excited to reveal that Cyscale – the cloud security platform – has been listed in Sifted’s 100 Companies to Watch in both RegTech and DeepTech, as demands for compliance and regulation technology accelerate in line with interest in risk management and AI.  

RegTech funding this year has nearly caught 2022’s total already, and over 1,000 legal acts have been adopted by the EU so far in 2023, driving demand for solutions to help companies navigate more, and more complex, red tape.  

Meanwhile, DeepTech has moved on from stumbling blockchain and last-mile delivery innovations to resurface in several facets of AI, with automation helping companies do more with fewer resources - especially in the field of regulatory compliance and security.   

When it comes to both cloud security and compliance, identifying failure is only part of the process - you also need context to understand how to fix the problem. This context is provided by the Cyscale Security Knowledge Graph.  

Cyscale can be found in Sifted’s RegTech briefing in the Compliance Management Solutions part of the map, and in the DeepTech briefing as an early-stage startup to watch.   

With so many companies in heavily regulated sectors needing to be seen as trustworthy, there is an exploding demand for solutions to help under-resourced teams secure their public cloud infrastructure and ensure they are operating in compliance with tough, fast-changing rules. 

We are already helping companies secure and monitor their multi-cloud assets and data with our Security Knowledge Graph, and we are now looking to harness the power of AI to replace existing security tools with prompts and make an automated and scalable security team available to every cloud-centric company. This recognition by Sifted validates our approach.

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