Announcing the Cyscale for Startups Program

Startups are unique and energetic, operating at high speeds and witnessing frequent pivoting moments. Most of the time, this energy steers towards building a great product or solution, leaving security far behind. When you add the lack of cybersecurity resources and often prohibitive costs of security solutions, it becomes a recipe for security breaches. 

Me and my co-founders, Manuela and Andrei, spent ten years helping security teams define and maintain security programs. Still, the tools and solutions at our disposal were not good enough. We started building the Cyscale Platform because we genuinely wanted to help companies start, improve, and maintain a security program regardless of their stage, not just burden them with yet another security tool. We made this our mission.  

Today, we believe our stellar team has delivered a product that is ready to help others. The Cyscale Platform enables our own security program today, from defining and enforcing Secure-SDLC and MDM policies to preparing for the ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliance audits. We want other startups to have the same advantage in case security is not their area of expertise. 


  • Access to the entire Cyscale Cloud Platform with Powerful Analytics & Dashboards (up to 1000 protected assets), 
  • Integrations with AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Alibaba cloud, 
  • Asset inventory, 
  • Misconfiguration detection
  • Alerts and remediation instructions in case of security drifts, 
  • Built-in frameworks for ISO27001, PCI-DSS, SOC2, GDPR, and others. 

Qualification criteria 

To be eligible for the discounted program, startups must meet all of the following criteria: 

  1. Founded less than five years ago 
  2. Funding: 
  • up to $2M in funding: 6 months FREE + 75% off for the next 6 months over,  
  • $2M+ in funding: 3 months FREE + 75% off for the next 9 months. 

Overall, the Cyscale for Startups Program is similar to our Pro Plan but with two limits: standard T&Cs and no dedicated support. Once the program ends, our Customer Success Team can help you evaluate and decide on the best plan for you. 

Getting started 

You can apply to the program regardless of whether you’re new to Cyscale or an existing Cyscale customer. You only have to meet our qualification criteria above. 

By implementing an early cybersecurity program using the Cyscale Platform, startups can take advantage of our intensive cloud security research, up-to-date compliance frameworks mapping, and best practices in improving their security posture without spending too much or hiring specialized staff. The purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of security and compliance in the cloud. 

If you don’t meet these criteria but are still interested in learning more about Cyscale, you can book a demo

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